Everyone who has ever lived has had the same questions and in the entirety of time, people still struggle with answers. Many people reject God because He does not appear the way they want, fit their preferences, or meet their demands. And if you believe in God, what you believe you can’t fully understand. These are conundrums.

How to play: Gather with someone who’s views and beliefs may differ from your own and wrestle with these conundrums.

Why it’s important: Everyone believes something.

There are no answers without believing SOMETHING!

What do you have faith in? We can only see and observe so much, there are many unknowns. If you are trying to prove that God exists, scientists will tell you that reading the Bible is not valid research and “I feel Him in my heart” is not valid data. We all want answers and proof. The Bible is about a relational infinite God who wants a personal relationship with finite humans. We try to understand God with our limited knowledge and put Him in a box. And if you’re undecided about God, what proof would make you believe?

But, we’ve got pages with more questions to help in these conundrum conversations. Listen to someone else’s answers before you share yours!

What is the Bible?