What if there’s really a book that’s alive? What if the words are living and active? What exactly are the pages doing? What’s in there? We want to take a look inside this book called the Bible. Like dissecting a frog in school, it’s going to be a bit scary, a little disgusting, amazing, very revealing, and you’re going to learn a lot! Also, warning, you’re going to see things you can’t unsee.

Not So Boring Bible Guts is a collection of our resources put together to look at what’s inside the Bible. This material can be used in small groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, Sunday school, it’s just good old fashion Bible fun for the whole family! (And you’re probably wondering what Not So Boring Bible believes, so here’s our statement of faith.)

While these pages wrestle with major theological issues, our goal is to examine the complexities of the Biblical text in fun pages using games and activities anyone can do. We want to expose people to a Biblical worldview and give them a look into the spiritual realm. You might not be comfortable in this study, the material is simple, but challenging, and you will probably have more questions than answers in the end. So, let’s examine the Bible, see how much we know, see how much we believe, and test our faith. Here are the guts!

The study links below take you to different parts of Not So Boring Bible. The weeks consist of a single trivia question to get you started (quiz yourself all you want, but you don’t have to keep clicking through more trivia questions) and also includes links to various questionnaires, charts, pages, crafts, and coloring pages. The content is labeled to help you know what type it is. This material was made for discussion and wrestling, so wrestle with it amongst friends!

Week 1 – You’ve heard of the Bible, right?
Man with Six Fingers and Six Toes (Trivia Question)
DTR (Questionnaire)
Books (Chart)
Coloring Books (Color)

Week 2 – How did this start?
Work of God (Trivia Question)
Books in the Hebrew Bible (Chart)
Timeline (Craft)

Week 3 – In the beginning…
Animal Names (Trivia Question)
Creation (Page)
Flaming Sword (Color)

Week 4 – Just an old rule book.
Things The Lord Hates (Trivia Question)
Commandments (Page)
Ark of the Covenant (Color)

Week 5 – Do this. Don’t do that. Simple right?
Money (Trivia Question)
Rules (Page)
Instructions (Page)

Week 6 – You’re telling me there are different Bibles?
Dragon Slayer (Trivia Question)
Bonus Books (Chart)
Bookmark (Craft)

Week 7 – About these “books.”
Incendio (Trivia Question)
Lost Books in the Bible (Chart)
Mail (Page)

Week 8 – Strange and complicated things.
Frightening Writing (Trivia Question)
A Little Bit About the Bible (Chart)
Realms (Craft)

Week 9 – What if?
Sons of God and Daughters of Men (Trivia Question)
What if? (Quiz)
Monsters (Craft)

Week 10 – This means war.
Buy Swords (Trivia Question)
VS (Craft)

Week 11 – Do you believe any of this?
Witnessing Walking on Water (Trivia Question)
Believability Bar (Game)
Unicorn (Color)

Week 12 – You believe something.
You Wouldn’t Believe (Trivia Question)
A Little Bit About the Bible (Chart)
Conundrums (Game)

Week 13 – We can all relate.
Happy Birthday to You (Trivia Question)
Humans (Craft)

Week 14 – Only God can judge me.
Samson Handed Over (Trivia Question)
Plagues (Page)
Judges (Page)
First Rainbow (Color)

Week 15 – Old timey people.
Zelophehad’s Children (Trivia Question)
Names (Page)
Tribes (Page)
Elijah Taken Up (Color)

Week 16 – The old way of things.
Gate Repair (Trivia Question)
Jewelry (Craft)
Lots (Craft)

Week 17 – This guy named Jesus.
Not A Ghost (Trivia Question)
Genealogy (Page)
Jesus in the Temple (Color)

Week 18 – What’s so special about Jesus?
Demons Begging (Trivia Question)
Anointing (Page)
Temptations (Page)

Week 19 – Jesus doing Jesus stuff.
Going Fishing (Trivia Question)
Miracles (Page)
Supper (Page)

Week 20 – Jesus’ crew.
Identifying Jesus (Trivia Question)
Apostles (Page)
Nicknames (Page)

Week 21 – What did Jesus do?
Greatest Love (Trivia Question)
Sacrifice (Craft)
Road to Emmaus (Color)

Week 22 – Where did Jesus go?
Stay a While (Trivia Question)
Funeral (Page)
Son of Man (Craft)

Week 23 – What are Christians suppose to do now?
Stop (Trivia Question)
Authority (Page)

Week 24 – Who’s hungry?
Table for 4,000 (Trivia Question)
Fasting (Craft)

Week 25 – So I just read a verse a day and feel good?
Marry a Promiscuous Woman (Trivia Question)
Context (Page)

Week 26 – 2,000 years later.
Difficult to Understand (Trivia Question)
Churches (Page)
Words (Page)

Week 27 – Is this book still relevant?
Sex in the City (Trivia Question)
Sayings (Page)
Optional deep dive into these major topics:
SEX (WARNING – Mature subject and content)
SUICIDE (WARNING – Mature subject and content)

Week 28 – What’s in it for me?
Goodies (Trivia Question)
Rewards (Page)
Fruit of the Spirit (Color)

Week 29 – Wait, how does the story end?
Here Comes End Times Jesus (Trivia Question)
Rapture (Page)
Throne in Heaven (Color)

Week 30 – Will God be there for me?
Unforgivable (Trivia Question)
Can (Craft)
Cloud and Fire (Color)

Week 31 – I still have questions.
Recognizing Jesus (Trivia Question)
Questions (Game)
Matter Meter (Game)

Week 32 – How to talk with God.
Pray in the Spirit (Trivia Question)
New Names (Page)
Prayer (Craft)

Week 33 – What if I want to follow Jesus?
Fun to Watch (Trivia Question)
Eternal Life (Page)
Passport (Craft)