NSB Bible (Not So Boring Bible)

Some think the Bible is just an old, boring book. If you have a Bible and it just sits on a shelf, others do too. Reading the Bible can be hard. Some parts of the Bible can seem boring. Our mission is to help others see the Bible as anything but boring, by reading it.

What is NSB Bible?

NSB Bible isn’t a bible translation, it’s a different way to view these other versions and translations of this book. These books of the Bible are full of so many amazing stories and strange details. NSB Bible makes reading these bible verses and stories easy with fun bible trivia. There’s strange stuff that’s not so boring (Not So Boring Bible), fun for kids (Kids Not So Boring Bible), X rated (X Rated Not So Boring Bible), things that are not in every bible (Bonus Not So Boring Bible), nerdy stuff (Not SO Boring Bible Nerd) and there’s maybe some really boring stuff (NOT Not So Boring Bible). If you have questions, the Bible may answer some of those, but not every question (Not So Boring Bible Questions). We have many different apps to explore this book! Download NSB Bible and read it for yourself!

You won’t believe what’s in the Bible.

If you are NOT a Christian, you won’t believe what’s in the Bible. If you ARE a Christian, do you get to pick and choose which parts of the Bible to read and believe? Do you get to rip out the pages that are strange, confusing, make you feel uncomfortable, or the parts that you don’t understand? And yet to be a follower of Christ, you are called to believe, by faith. How would you define your relationship with the Bible?

Our mission

Our mission is to help others see the Bible as anything but boring, by reading it. A God who existed before all things and created all things can be difficult to understand. Jesus loves you and the Holy Spirit was sent to teach us all things and to remind us of everything Jesus said. There’s nothing boring about creating the whole universe (Genesis 1:1), sending your Son because you love each individual person (Romans 5:8), and doing that Holy Spirit thing that the Holy Spirit does (John 14:26). The Bible is not boring! Our goal is to help others discover and dive into God’s Word, to actually read the Bible.