There’s this book about this guy. This guy was the son of the God who created the universe. It’s the best selling book of all time – the Bible. But where is that guy now? Is the Bible over? Maybe we’re done adding pages to the Bible, but God’s not done. God didn’t stop being God, or stop working. And, spoiler alert. The bad guy in the Bible isn’t dead, he didn’t stop either. The Bible is happening. We’re sharing moving pictures of the Spirit moving.

“On The Other Side of Light” Short Film Release Spring 2024!
“Josephine” Short Film Release Summer 2024!


Luke Tornare

Luke Tornare, an outdoors adventure-seeking mountain kid, was raised by his remarkable homeschool upbringing and the guidance of his amazing parents and church family near Aspen, Colorado. Ignited by both his fervor and the unyielding grace of God, he has forged a stirring path. Steering the course of his thriving production company, he uncovered a profound truth: “The goal is not to beat the never-ending game we humans see as reality, but to live for something far greater. To spread a love that none of us truly understand, only that it’s the greatest love ever given.”

So, rather than creating for himself, Luke chose to create for the Creator, unveiling a cascade of remarkable doors and stories that illuminate the extraordinary role God plays as the director of our lives. The best part? This is just the opening scene of a narrative that promises even greater adventures.

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