We need to talk. Let’s define the relationship between you and the Bible.
Here are three questions:

Well… How’d it go? You’re staring at three silly words, but what does it all mean! What secret magical code do these words reveal? It’s simply a quick reference to what you know and think about the Bible. That’s it. You can easily share that with others or keep that just between you and the Bible.

But, this is kind of a critical point in the relationship. Relationships take work. Is this relationship boring or is this getting serious?

If you proclaim to be a Christian, let’s take a closer look at this relationship.
Here are four more questions:

Now what?!? You’ve got four more silly words and the secrets of the universe haven’t been unlocked! Our DTR is simply meant to be a fun conversation piece around the Bible you can easily share and talk about with others. Our goal is that this resource helps people identify their feelings toward the Bible and gets Christians and non-believers engaged and talking about God’s Word.

God wants to have a relationship with us. God designed us to rule in a partnership with Him. God provided a way, even after sin threatened that partnership. God has showed us that He loves us. God’s already had that DTR conversation. We just have to be honest where our heart is.