In the gospels according to Matthew and Luke, both disciples record the genealogy of Jesus. But, their accounts are different, each telling a story about Jesus and the Messiah’s family tree.

Bonus Questions for Luke’s Genealogy
If Cainan (13th generation) and Admin (28th generation) aren’t found in Genesis 11:10-32, 1 Chronicles 2:9-10, or Ruth 4:18-22, why would Luke add them in Jesus’ genealogy?

(The result of these additions moves Abraham to the 21th generation and David to the 35th generation, creating a pattern where every 7th generation a special person or name appears. It would appear Luke is using the number seven purposely.)

Why would Luke include seventy-seven generations to Jesus in his genealogy? (1 Enoch 10:12) 1 Enoch?!

(Consider Enoch is the 7th generation from Adam – 70 generations later Luke places Jesus on the scene.)

Bonus Questions for Matthew’s Genealogy
Why does Matthew mention the women he does in Jesus’ genealogy?

TamarGenesis 38
RahabJoshua 2
RuthRuth 1-4
Bathsheba2 Samuel 11
MaryMatthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-56)

Why would Matthew include forty-two generations to Jesus in his genealogy?

(The symbolism of the number fourteen and the aspect of three are important.)

Main Thought
We tend to want cold hard facts and answers when we read the Bible. It would seem Matthew and Luke are making theological claims in the branches of their recording of Jesus’ family tree.

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