Race Team

Join our Race Team to take on endurance challenges and raise money to support Not So Boring Bible Missions. There’s no fundraising minimum, we’ll outfit you in a jersey so you can share with others that you’re running for something bigger than yourself. Use your next race to mean more than just a medal, and make an eternal impact. Train not just for this life, but for the life to come!

How does it work?

You basically become a running billboard! Sign up for any race you want, or pick one of the events where we’ll gather as a group. We’ll help get you ready for race day while you share with others how your training supports our Missions. (Share however you feel led – post, tweet, or just talk about how you’re running your race for something bigger than yourself!) We’ll outfit you with Not So Boring Bible merch and a race day jersey so you can look and perform your best.

Stewardship includes much more than just finances. Stewardship includes your time, talents, even your body – all gifts you’ve been given. The goal with our Race Team is to give followers an opportunity to use their body to glorify God, spending time training physically, but more importantly, training in godliness. You can use the joy of suffering through a race, persevering to the end, as a sign to others you’re not just training for this life, but for the life to come! (1 Timothy 4:8)

2024 Races:

April 2024 – Desert RATS

June 2024 – Ironman 70.3 Boulder

September 2024 – Aspen Golden Leaf Half Marathon

Thank you for supporting our Missions!