The Bible is NOT Boring

There’s this book. It’s an old book. It’s actually a collection of books. This book says it was breathed out by God. This book says it is living. This book says it will give you life, eternal life. This book is the Bible. Whether you actually believe this book or not, the Bible is NOT boring!

This book is about a god, but a god with a big capital letter – God. This book is about God, the one true God. He’s the creator of everything. He loves everything He made and wants a partnership in taking care of all of the created things. But, something bad happened.

In the task of taking care of these things, some of the things He created didn’t trust that He gave them enough. Some of the things He created wanted to be more like the Creator and wanted to take more power and more knowledge. They were just the things created though, and not the Creator. Some of the created things did some bad things. That offense separated them from God, it’s like dying. It is dying, being separated from the thing that gives life. There was a separation between the created things and the Creator. There was sin. Sin isn’t perfection, and this God is perfect. Anything with sin will be destroyed in the presence of this perfect God. But, the Creator had a plan.

Sin can be covered when something that is pure and shouldn’t die is killed and dies for those offenses against God. This sacrifice is required by this God so the things He created can stand in His presence, so we can be partners again. The created things have a way to get back to a right standing relationship with God, but the created things continue to sin.

There’s this guy. This guy was with God in the beginning. This guy is God’s son. God’s plan was to send His son to die for all the sin there was and ever will be. And the Son died and did that so that the created things could be in a partnership with God again.

There’s also this spirit. This Spirit was also with God in the beginning. The Spirit does some not boring stuff.

This book says something else. This God, this Son, and this Spirit, are all the same, but they are also different – 3 in 1. But also 1 in 3. We can’t explain it. This book doesn’t explain it. It’s beyond what we can understand. The Bible can be confusing, but NOT boring!

So how do you get this eternal life this book talks about? You ask and believe. You accept what you can’t explain, what you don’t fully understand, and ask God to forgive you for not trusting Him. You simply have faith His Son’s sacrifice was enough for you to get to stand in God’s presence and be partners again. God loves the things He created and very much wants them to turn from sin and to trust Him because He’s got big plans for the future.

So how does this not so boring book end? The Son is coming back. This place and the way things are is going away. The Creator is going to make all things new. There’s going to be a new place created, just for those who believe, so we can be with this perfect God, in His presence, and be partners trusting Him once again.

So, yeah… the Bible is NOT boring!