Great Clips of Judgment

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Which person in the Bible was told to shave their hair and beard, weigh it in three equal parts, and burn a third of the hair inside the city, strike another third of the hair with a sword, and scatter a third to the wind?

A. Peter
B. Paul
C. Ezekiel
D. Candice

“Now you, son of man, take a sharp sword, use it as you would a barber’s razor, and shave your head and beard. Then take a set of scales and divide the hair. You are to burn a third of it in the city when the days of the siege have ended; you are to take a third and slash it with the sword all around the city; and you are to scatter a third to the wind, for I will draw a sword to chase after them.” Ezekiel 5:1-2 (CSB)

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